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This service records your blood pressure like your daily use notebook. You can record blood pressure, pulse and memo. Also you can see blood pressure and pulse as a chart. This service is available free of charge.

Major Features Last Updated: February 8 2015

- Record Items per Morning, Day and Night: Systolic/Diastolic blood pressure, Pulse, Temperature, Taking medicine, Time - Record Items per a day: Weight, Body fat percentage, Memo(Up to 500 characters)   # You can change record items in menue:Settings→Record Items - Blood pressure and Pulse Chart - Weekly, Monthly and Annual Averages: Systolic/Diastolic blood pressure, Pulse, Temperature, Weight, Body fat percentage - Data backup: Save and Load your data between your side and the service


This service got started in August 2014. It is run in individuals by Mitsuaki Kuwahara.

About Manager

I am Mitsuaki Kuwahara, managing this service. I was born in 1973, live in Saitama Prefecture Japan. I gained career in Information technology (IT) industry since 1996. I have worked for the development and maintenance of software systems for business user among the IT industry. Motivation that began the service is, I would like to develop something web service using my experience. One day I saw my mother was measuring her blood pressure and entering it in her notebook. That seemed to be good for the web service, then I challenged to develop this service. For good or for bad, my mother doesn't use this service not because she needs to measure for now. But I am sometimes measuring and recording to the service by myself. I am pleasure if I can improve the site little by little and run long. I hope you to try this service. Thank you, Manager head shot Mitsuaki Kuwahara August 25, 2014